Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movie review: Law Abiding Citizen And Shutter Island

Law Abiding Citizen

Watched this movie and quite like it. I loved Criminal Minds and SAW and all this sadistic psychopath killer, physical torture,gore, gruesome whatever you called it.hehe. So, this movie is about Clyde (Gerald Butler) that loss his wife and daughter after they were brutally raped and murdered. After an injustice prosecution, he waited 10 years to orchestrate high-profile murder of everyone involved including the broken justice system. Jamie Foxx was the case public prosecutor for the case.To Clyde, Jamie Foxx wasn't doing hard enough for his case in order to maintain the high prosecution rate. Too many 'insufficient and inconclusive' evidence. Clyde was a smart and rich guy equipped with high tech machine and military experience to help him get justice the way he want it. Even though he was placed in the jail, he managed to killed many people. How did he do it? Easy. He bought the whole prison land, make a tunnel under it for him to crawl out and do his business. I like the third quarter of this movie but after the revelation, the director probably running out of time or money or whatever, he sort of end this movie in hurry. I don't know really, I just wish more actions from Butler and Foxx. Probably like Clyde kidnapped Foxx's family and threatened him, pushing him to his limit because I think Foxx should be punished too. But, a very nice movie though. Love the emotion and pain displayed by Butler. I think he's a very versatile actor. He can do action, romantic, thriller, cartoon, just named it.

Shutter Island

This is a psychological thriller about two detectives (Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo) that investigating a missing patient in a mental hospital in Shutter Island. This movie is very interesting because almost half of the movie, you'll be thinking that the staff in the hospital were bad people and they were actually been experimenting on the patient. But, there were some clues that pointing out that was not the case as Di Caprio kept having frequent delusions and signs of withdrawal syndrome syndrome such as headache, tremor, sweating and worsening of his delusion. The whole hospital had to 'roleplay' Di Caprio delusions in order to 'wake' him up and bring him back to reality and acceptance. If you love movies like Beautiful Mind and Fight Club and this is definitely a great movie to watch.Di Caprio played a veteran army who experienced psychological and emotion trauma after her wife who suffered manic depression killed their three children. He blamed himself for not taking appropriate medical treatment for his wife when she told him about her hallucinations. Because of such great trauma, he kept relapsing to his delusional world in order for him to escape from such painful reality. I think Di Caprio has matured so much in term of his acting skills. He's definitely a serious actor and looking from his latest movies such as Blood Diamond, Body of Lies and this one, I think he managed to prove himself more than just another hollywood pretty face.

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