Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review of Vitacreme B12

I loved to read other people's review before I tried any new products cause I think it helps me making an informative judgement before buying any product and not just solely depends on the sale's assistant persuasion. I've bought a couple of stuff without looking at other people reviews and regretting my purchase.

So, for this post I'm doing a review on Vitacreme B12. I bought this at AUD50 and I used this for a month day and night. So far, I don't think I will repurchase this cream again.

Some users have compared this cream to the famous and expensive cream, La Mer but better. I never used La Mer before but I've tried a sample of their eye cream but hate it.It stings my eye really bad, too heavy, doesn't absorb very well and no effect at all. So back to this cream, I think what I like most about this cream is that it absorb really well and it doesn't make my skin oily or cause any breakout.I have normal-combination skin and I think this cream did help to control my oil secretion.

When I first look at this cream, the usual colour for my moisturiser and I definitely can see that my skin looks glowing and more well rested I guess after few days using this cream. This cream come in a an aluminium tube (like toothpaste) to protect the active ingredients in the cream and prevent contamination of the product. After like 3 weeks of using this cream, this cream stop working for me. I don't know why but it worked just like any simple moisturiser. There is not a lot of product in this tube (I used 5oml). This cream doesn't have any SPF, so you need to put on other sunscreen on top of it during the day.

I think this cream is pretty expensive considering that it has only one active ingredient.If you look at the clinical studies that was done by the company, the studies was carried out at high altitude, at 2,600 metres on Mont-Blanc where most of the participants suffered from severe sunburns and peeling (desquamation) of the skin. Obviously, I've never been to any high altitude mountain like ever in my entire life and didn't suffered severe sunburns or peeling of my skin. So, this is probably why this cream doesn't have much effect on me. I think, giving any good moisturiser to people who suffered terrible sunburnt, peeled and wrinkled skin will definitely improved their skin condition because any level of moisturisation will helps to accelerate skin renewal and repair.

And the other interesting thing was, when I looked at the ingredients of this cream, one of the ingredient is Coumarin (or famously known as warfarin) which used as anti-coagulant for treatment of Pulmonary Embolus and DVT. Hmm..interesting, right?

The other reason I won't be repurchasing this is because this cream is not easily available over the counter or your local mall. I used to live in Melbourne but currenly I lived in Shah Alam, Malaysia and I don't know where I can get this product. I think for this price, I can find cheaper moisturiser that works equally well. I'm looking for a moisturiser that can give me more than just simple moisture but other other added benefits (eg: anti-aging, sun protection, brightening). But for anyone who wants to give this a try, I definitely encourage so because who knows this might work so well on you.

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  1. some manufacturers go for the common white eye cream color. But this one is quite rare and fancy for it's cream is colored pink.