Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review of SK-II Sign Signature Cream

This is a quite a new product from SK-II replacing their SK-II Sign Treatment Totality. Not sure how this replaced the Sign Treatment Totality because the active ingredients in these two cream are quite different. But I think SK-II want to re-introduce their anti-aging line. Skin Signature cream is part of SK-II anti-aging regime along with other products such as Signs Wrinkle serum, Signs Up Lifter, Signs Eye Cream, Signs Nourishing Cream and the another latest additions, Skin Signature Cream- In Compact Foundation and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask. I've tried the signs wrinkle serum, signs up lifter, skin nourishing cream and the skin signature cream. Here is the product description for the Skin Signature Cream:

"Clinically proven to help you look up to 4 years younger in just one month, this anti-aging moisturizer helps strengthen Skin Power to give your skin total beauty through a balance of firmness, smoothness and radiance"

This line worked as anti-aging and believe that our skin has what its called "Skin Power" which is the skin natural means to improving itself from within against everyday stress. However, over time, the Skin Power declines and skin loses its radiance, elasticity and firmness. There is a Skin Tipping Point, marked by the sudden loss of elastic balance that typically occurs in the 30s.

So, this series is developed to awaken the Skin Power from inside (stratum corneum), for beautiful skin on the outside. This cream has naturally derived Oli-Vityl from olive oil, a power ingredient which works synergistically with Pitera to activate ARE (Anti-Oxidant Response Element) and increase skin power from within. ARE is the ‘control tower’ in skin. When skin is exposed to stress, ARE is activated. It sends a signal to skin to produce stress resistant substances to protect your skin. So, the Skin Power also increases and skin is more able to withstand stress.Unfortunately, ARE activity diminishes as skin ages.

So, what is Oli- Vityl?
Oli-Vityl is derived from an olive species that thrives in Tuscany, Italy which has a unique fatty acid composition that is similar to skin lipids to help the moisturiser penetrate deep into skin's inner layers. Oli-Vityl can activate ARE and skin’s boost tolerance power. When Oli-Vityl paired up with Pitera and Signaline (derived from olive oil and then blended with jojoba oil), promotes skin structural material synthesis such as collagen and hyaluronan.

I gave this a try and for the first month, I like it. I can see difference. Even after a few days using this I can see that it help improved my skin radiance. The texture is pretty runny compared to Signs Nourishing Cream or Whitening Source Brightener and it absorbed really well and doesn't cause any oiliness on my skin. The color of this cream is white and they gave a small spatula with the cream which usually in my case always loss somewhere in my pretty overloaded makeup bag. When using foundation (I used Mac Studio Fix), this gave a dewy finish just like the finish I get when using Dior Extreme Fit foundation. But not sure why this cause me tiny bumps all over my face. Probably my skin is still young. So, I discontinued this cream. But I think for those with dry skin, or aged 30s and above, this probably will work well.I loved this so much especially with the fact that Malaysian humid make every traces of moisturizer and makeup on your face melts like ice under the sun. I think the Skin signature cream will work well on people with combination skin but those with dry/matured skin will probably need to use a thicker moisturizer such as Signs Nourishing Cream. This doesn't state any SPF protection but it has Titanium Dioxide as one of the ingredients. Probably it does have a little bit of sun protection but very minimal.

With the two serums on this line, Signs Wrinkle serum and Signs Lifter serum, I can't really comment much. Strangely, this two has the same texture, color and smell.Just like the same serum with different name.hehe. Its pretty thick, absorb well but a bit oily on my skin. Can't comment much on the effectiveness of these.

All in all, this is a great cream for those above 3os who need a great ant-aging cream. I'll probably come back to this cream when I'm 30s. Can't wait.haha..

The price of this cream is RM460 (80g) ..phewhhh!!

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