Friday, April 2, 2010

Lists of (some of) the latest whitening/brightening products in Malaysia

Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight

This is the latest whitening and anti-aging range from Lancome. Beyond spots correction, this line is designed to recreate bright new collagen fibers while fighting skin yellowing and loss of firmness. Plus 360ยบ action on melanin help to neutralize the main causes of spots and hyper-pigmentation in the dermis and the epidermis and regulate the skin pigmentation process at the source. The soy extract stimulates collagen synthesis, fight lack of firmness and signs of aging. The sunflower seed extract has anti-glycation properties to help prevent collagen darkening and stiffening for clearer and radiant skin.

Shiseido White Lucent

This formula has been reformulated to help with age spots and uneven skin tone. Among the technologies used in the reformulation of this range are m-Tranexamic acid that prevent activation of melanin by actively identifying the inflamed tissue and soothe the skin and prevent melanin production. 4MSK also stopped the production of melanin at its source by preventing and reducing the enzymatic activity (tyrosinase enzyme) in the pigmentation process. Multi-target vitamin C also reduce the production of the melanin and reducing the amount of pre-melanin on the skin. Yomogi Natural extract also help to regulate cell division and help to remove the dark cell from within and outer surface of the skin. This range also has Super HydroSynergy complex to improve skin moisturization and Glucosyl Hesperidine that help with micro-circulation of the skin.

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme

This range are formulated with Emblica C complex and marine extract (cellulosomes eyngium) with vitamin C derivatives to brighten overall skin complexion. Emblica derived from Indian Gooseberry fruit extract has been widely used in Eastern medical practice. This fruit extract lived in the edge of the sea and able to withstand severe dehydration, salty water, heat exhaustion and dry sand.

Clarins White Plus HP

This range are enriched with Sea Lily extract to prevent the passage of melanin that in turn prevent the formation of melanin that caused the dark spots and uneven complexion. Sea Lily extract also help to stop dendricity (extension of color cells) through control of protein called Rac1 and RhoA. The extension of dendrites transport pigment to skin cells and results in dark spots. Combination of Sea Lily extract and Whitening-Lock Around system strengthened the control mechanism that help prevent hyperpigmentation and evening out the dark spots to restore your skin to a fair and translucent complexion with a rosy, pinkish glow.

Estee Lauder Cyber White EX

Estee lauder has identified <>4 type of spots that responsible for clouding Asian women's complexion, stubborn age spots, small surface spots, those barely spots and recurring spots.Firstly, for stubborn age spots, Clarity Recovering Protein works with skin's natural repair system to support structure beneath the age spots. As skin gets more plumped, these dense clusters of melanin dispersed and begin to fade away. Secondly, for small surface spots, Cyberwhite EX zeros in on darkened pore with N Acetyl Glucosamine. This sugar derivatives speed away these melanin-darkened skin cells to reveal brighter complexion. Thirdly, for those barely spots, counteracts the skin-darkening effects to keep skin calm and prevent future spots from resurfacing. Fourthly, Super-potent Melanin Interception Technology for recurring spots, anti-irritant calming complex help to reduce irritation and make skin less vulnerable to recurring spots and inhibit the over production of melanin on skin.

SK-II Cellumination

SK-II has developed a new whitening standard of Aura-Lucency, a natural aura of the skin. Aura-Lucency revolutionizes the concept of skin whitening by combining the idea of translucency, glowing from within and evenness of skin tone. SK-II has discovered that Aura-Lucency is created by the balance of the three primary colours of light in skin. An SK-II study of 90 women's skin revealed a difference in the balance of red, green and blue (RGB) light transmission between translucent, radiant, even-toned skin and dull skin. Based on this new research findings, SK-II scientists have developed the powerful Aura Bright Cocktail, an ingredient complex containing the unique combination of SK-II-exclusive ingredients De-melano P3C and concentrated Pitera and Talapewhite. These three actives work in synergy to address the internal factors that impact RGB balance, to create the ideal look of Aura-Lucent Skin.

Makan2 at Pak Hailam Kopitiam

Semalam makan2 lagi kat Pak Hailam Kopitiam kat Tesco seksyen 13.Saya finally dpt rasa jgk Mee Hoon Tomyam kat sini. Sedap and pedas. Portion dia agak besar and tak abis pun.hehe. Hubby order Kuew Teow goreng pun dia kata sedap gak. Wholemeal pau ayam wajib ader.hehe.Hubby saje je nak try omega 3 egg on bread toast. Telor yg atas roti tu actually separuh masak. Jadi macam makan kuah telor and bread.hehe.Orang pun ramai makan kat kedai ni. Customer service dia pun cepat and mesra. Ambience pun nice and tenang. Masa first2 kitorg makan kat sini tak ramai sgt org tp skrg penuh org. Mmg restoran ni ader attraction tersendiri jgk. Amir as usual suka 'mengemas' kat meja makan tu.Abis bersepah chop stick.hehe

My HGs: Mac Studio Fix foundations and Mac Prep + Prime Translucent Loose Powder

I've been an avid user of Mac Studio Fix foundation since 4 years ago. Before this, I used only drugstore brand such as Maybelline, L'oreal and Revlon. I read so many mixed review on this foundation that occasionally make me back off from buying it. After few months of being indecisive and frequent visit to Mac counter, I finally bought the fluid version. Luckily, the foundation loved me too.haha. I loved liquid foundation because it gave more coverage, easy application and last longer than the compact or loose powder. Even though I don't have much experience with high brand foundation but I've tried several sample of high-end foundation but nothing compared to this. I've tried Estee Lauder Double Wear and Shiseido and its too thick, Clinique foundation make me looked washout and chalky and Dior foundation which is good but this gave a dewy/shiny finish (I preferred semi-matte) and not enough coverage for me.This covers everything really well and most of the time I don't need any concealer along with this. The smell is a bit like a paint, which I don't really mind anyway. haha.

When I first used this, probably after a year I started to have breakout from this. It was really strange. But then I realized that this happened because I change my cleanser (Olay Total Effect cleanser) which cleanse really poorly and also because I didn't used any oil-based pre-cleanser to take my makeup off. Using makeup removers (wet tissue) won't clean this foundation. You really need much stronger cleanser and oil-based pre-cleanser. Because of such coverage, it really does stick to your skin. I've used Dermalogica Precleanse, SK-II cleansing oil and even olive oil, and they all removed the foundation really well. I also bought the pump dispenser that protect the foundation from the bacteria on my hand and its just more hygienic. But you need to buy this separately (for AUD5, not sure the price in Malaysia).

The Studio Fix compact is also great. Great coverage, and gave flawless but natural finish. This is the only compact powder that didn't clump up, or looking chalky or powdery on me. This reminds me Maybelline Dream Matte Compact but this has very minimal coverage. I used this when I need minimal makeup and for touch up. If you use only the liquid version with out this, your makeup will not last as long and you get shiny after a few hours. But if you used this powder on top of your liquid foundation, your makeup will last very long and it gave you a semi-matte/matte finish. The price is I think RM102.

Even though with these duo, my makeup still melting and I hate looking shiny like an oil slick. Urggghh...When I had a makeup trial with Estee Lauder latest loose powder, CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Loose Powder (RM150), the makeup artist told me to use loose powder on top of my foundation. Wowww..I'm really suprised after he put the powder on my face and even though after 6 hours, I was still shine-free. So, I decided to try Mac version of translucent loose powder. Actually I hate loose powder because it usually make me sneeze, too much make my foundation looking cakey and washout. But I didn't experience any of this with this powder. It doesn't look cakey and it gave a soft focus look. It make your foundation more matte but not flat look. To avoid messy application, you just punctured 1 or 2 holes on the black plastic cover instead of taking it all off . The price is RM 90 I think and my only gripe is that the container is too small. With these, I don't have to worry much about shining armour on my face.haha

All in all, I really recommended these trios to all oily gals especially those living in humid weather like Malaysia. Definitely HGs!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review of SK-II Sign Signature Cream

This is a quite a new product from SK-II replacing their SK-II Sign Treatment Totality. Not sure how this replaced the Sign Treatment Totality because the active ingredients in these two cream are quite different. But I think SK-II want to re-introduce their anti-aging line. Skin Signature cream is part of SK-II anti-aging regime along with other products such as Signs Wrinkle serum, Signs Up Lifter, Signs Eye Cream, Signs Nourishing Cream and the another latest additions, Skin Signature Cream- In Compact Foundation and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask. I've tried the signs wrinkle serum, signs up lifter, skin nourishing cream and the skin signature cream. Here is the product description for the Skin Signature Cream:

"Clinically proven to help you look up to 4 years younger in just one month, this anti-aging moisturizer helps strengthen Skin Power to give your skin total beauty through a balance of firmness, smoothness and radiance"

This line worked as anti-aging and believe that our skin has what its called "Skin Power" which is the skin natural means to improving itself from within against everyday stress. However, over time, the Skin Power declines and skin loses its radiance, elasticity and firmness. There is a Skin Tipping Point, marked by the sudden loss of elastic balance that typically occurs in the 30s.

So, this series is developed to awaken the Skin Power from inside (stratum corneum), for beautiful skin on the outside. This cream has naturally derived Oli-Vityl from olive oil, a power ingredient which works synergistically with Pitera to activate ARE (Anti-Oxidant Response Element) and increase skin power from within. ARE is the ‘control tower’ in skin. When skin is exposed to stress, ARE is activated. It sends a signal to skin to produce stress resistant substances to protect your skin. So, the Skin Power also increases and skin is more able to withstand stress.Unfortunately, ARE activity diminishes as skin ages.

So, what is Oli- Vityl?
Oli-Vityl is derived from an olive species that thrives in Tuscany, Italy which has a unique fatty acid composition that is similar to skin lipids to help the moisturiser penetrate deep into skin's inner layers. Oli-Vityl can activate ARE and skin’s boost tolerance power. When Oli-Vityl paired up with Pitera and Signaline (derived from olive oil and then blended with jojoba oil), promotes skin structural material synthesis such as collagen and hyaluronan.

I gave this a try and for the first month, I like it. I can see difference. Even after a few days using this I can see that it help improved my skin radiance. The texture is pretty runny compared to Signs Nourishing Cream or Whitening Source Brightener and it absorbed really well and doesn't cause any oiliness on my skin. The color of this cream is white and they gave a small spatula with the cream which usually in my case always loss somewhere in my pretty overloaded makeup bag. When using foundation (I used Mac Studio Fix), this gave a dewy finish just like the finish I get when using Dior Extreme Fit foundation. But not sure why this cause me tiny bumps all over my face. Probably my skin is still young. So, I discontinued this cream. But I think for those with dry skin, or aged 30s and above, this probably will work well.I loved this so much especially with the fact that Malaysian humid make every traces of moisturizer and makeup on your face melts like ice under the sun. I think the Skin signature cream will work well on people with combination skin but those with dry/matured skin will probably need to use a thicker moisturizer such as Signs Nourishing Cream. This doesn't state any SPF protection but it has Titanium Dioxide as one of the ingredients. Probably it does have a little bit of sun protection but very minimal.

With the two serums on this line, Signs Wrinkle serum and Signs Lifter serum, I can't really comment much. Strangely, this two has the same texture, color and smell.Just like the same serum with different name.hehe. Its pretty thick, absorb well but a bit oily on my skin. Can't comment much on the effectiveness of these.

All in all, this is a great cream for those above 3os who need a great ant-aging cream. I'll probably come back to this cream when I'm 30s. Can't wait.haha..

The price of this cream is RM460 (80g) ..phewhhh!!