Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dine out at Pak Hailam Kopitiam

I've been a bit stress this passed few days. Both physically and mentally.My left bicep is still screaming in pain from having to change gear (why can't we just use automatic gear!!). I've just got my L licence and start my driving class.Yesterday I passed my QTI test (Ujian Penilaian) for my JPJ test. The QTI officer was rude and inappropriate.He was calling my number and then he went out to the office.I thought he call out my number and when he came back, I asked him whether he was calling number 14, which was my number and he replied, "can't you hear what I'm calling? Go start the engine faster!".I'm not sure that he was doing it on purpose or he just want me to feel the pressure of driving but it was inappropriate and definitely made all my stress hormone at its maximum level. All the time during the test, he complained this and that and I just couldn't focus. But luckily I didn't make any huge mistake and he let me passed. Phewwwwhhh!!!

I said to my husband, I need to destress and we decided to have dinner at Pak Hailam Kopitiam at Tesco Seksyen 13. I ordered Nasi Ayam and I was disappointed. I'm not even sure it should be called Nasi Ayam. Who put taugeh ( a lot of taugeh) in nasi ayam? And not even a proper sambal nasi ayam. When I asked for the sambal, they gave I don't know whatever sambal they can grabbed in the kitchen. But I love their pau so much.Made from wholemeal and very cheap too (RM 1/piece). My brother ordered Mee Hoon Tomyam and it was delicious. Definitely different than any normal Mee Hoon Tomyam I had in the past.They put a bit of coconut milk and the seafood was also generous. I've been traumatised with Tom Yam dish lately because most restaurant put way too much onion and too little chicken/seafood in their Tom Yam.

After dinner, we did a bit of shopping at Tesco and let Amir played around the Tesco. Amir certainly look more 'grown-up'.hehe. But he still too lazy to walk by himself.Maybe in a few weeks, I think.

I'm deeply disturbed with today's news in the media about K Hares-varran, an 18 months old toddler who died after he was abused by his neighour. This happened only a few days after Syafia Humairah Sahari, a 3 years old toddler also died after she was abused by his mother's boyfriend. And not to to mention the raising cases of 'buang bayi' in Malaysia. This is definitely the lowest level of inhumanity. May their soul rest in peace. Amin


  1. Hehe.. amir looks so grownup now. Baru je setahun lebih. Love you honey. mUahx xo

  2. what a cute little baby so adorable and cuddly.