Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review of Avon Anew Rejuvenate

I'm in search of a good and potent anti-aging skincare that suits my combination skin. After reading good reviews on Avon Anew Rejuvenate, I decided to try the samples of this product. I bought their sample for RM1 each at Avon shop. I bought samples of Revitalizing Day Cream and Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate. I'm not a big fan of Avon. I've been quite disappointed with Avon products that I've tried. Avon lipstick makes my lips dry, limited shade of Avon foundation that either make you look like you have a fake tan or ghastly white, runny makeup base,eye shadow that lasts only like 5 minutes, their dry clumpy mascara and not to mention their perfume that smell as if you just pour a bottle of perfume on your body .But I always try to buy some of their products because they are so cheap and most of the Avon ladies that I met are so nice and friendly. I know that's probably their marketing manipulation technique but its hard to say NO to the nice avon ladies. So, I really hope that this line can make me trust Avon again.

When I first looking at their ingredients, I'm pretty impressed. Long lists of ingredients that sound so mouthful. In their product description, this is what is said:

  • Exfo-Smoothing Complex:Designed to exfoliate, smooth lines and clarify to help reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Smoothes rough texture. Lines become less deep

  • Mini-Extraction Technology:Formulated to work like thousands of micro-extractions to help deep-clean impurities and tighten pores. Shrinks pore size and strengthens pore structure

  • Revitafresh Technology:Engineered to reinforce cell bonds and help make skin look more even and smoother. Cells come together to form smooth seamless skin

This products has potent anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate), Hydroxy Acid (salicylic acid), peptide, retinoid (Retinyl Palmitate-in Flash Facial), vitamins (A, B, C, E), Yeast Extract and long lists of humectant and lipids. All this ingredients has been proven to prevent aging by making skin more plump and smooth wrinkles (Hyaluronic acid, retinoid, peptide), gentle exfoliation (hydroxy acid), increase moisture (humectant) and rejuvenate overall complexion (vitamins). The flash facial concentrate has 3X more concentrated ingredients than night cream.

In addition, the revitalizing cream also has SPF 25 to protects skin from UVA/UVB radiation. The price in pretty reasonable, RM 89.90 for Flash Facial (30g) and RM 79.90 for Day cream (30 g). When I first tried this product, the first thing that struck me was the smell. It smells like Kao Merit anti-dandruff shampoo. It has the strongest chemical-y smell I've ever smell for a facial moisturizer.Maybe okay for a shampoo but a NO-NO for moisturizer.The smell managed to give me a temporary headache. But the smell dissipates slowly but you probably have to use your breath-holding technique when using this cream. The flash facial has a pale yellow color while the day cream has white color. Flash facial has thicker texture compared to the day cream. Despite being light-weight, this cause my combination skin to get really oily after just 1 hour.It absorbed very well onto skin and I can definitely see that my skin looking rejuvenate and just glowing. It definitely soften my fine lines and looking as if I just had chemical peel. I really liked it despite being a bit oily. So, after one week using these duo, I started to have clogged pores and tiny bumps all over my face. After two weeks of using this, I stopped because my skin just worsened. Maybe this will suit more mature/dry skin.So, that's the end for me and Avon. Luckily I only have sample of this. I really hope that this is going to work for me but sadly not. So long AVON!!!

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