Monday, November 15, 2010


Just a short update from me. My sis-in law just gave birth to a baby boy on 14th of November last week. She gave birth at 32 weeks, earlier than expected. The baby is still in the hospital and need nutritional support through feeding tube but the baby is showing positive signs. I'm hoping it won't be long till he discharge home. And Selamat Hari Raya Aidul Adha to all. May this Eid brings lots and lots of happiness to my family. InsyaAllah..

Take care...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pre-birthday celebration @ Bora Ombak

Last nite we went out for dinner at Bora Ombak @ Ampang. The ambience of the restaurant was amazing with Bali-inspired deco. We choose to sit under one of the hut for some privacy. The pricing was quite affordable as well. We ordered quite a lot for two and a half people and it was delicious especially the Seafood Thai Tom Yam. We'll definitely be back for more.hehe Thank you sayang ;))

Amir was extra 'manja' with abah

Amir trying really hard to pull some serious seductive pose

Amir's model style

Amir and mak

Seafood Thai Tomyam

Kailan with salted fish

Balinese Sate with tumeric rice

Fresh 'ulam'
French fries

Thai Chicken Pandan

Express Lunch Menu: Simple Pizza Bread

Today I decided to cook a spagetti for amir and pizza bread for myself. Its so easy to prepare. Of course amir loves his spagetti and eat like a are some photos of him eating spagetti..

Do you want some mak?...erkkk! no thanx sayang

Yummy spagetti and chicken nuggets


Trying to pose cute with fork..

And here is the recipe for making a simple Pizza bread..

The ingredients: Bread, Hot Dog, Spagetti sauce, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Mix Veges, and Garlic Spread 

Preheat oven at 150 degrees

Spread some butter/margarine on the pan

Spread some garlic spread/butter on the bread

Generous amount of spagetti sauce

And lots of hot dog

Add some mix veges

Some mayonnaise won't hurt

Last but not least..cheese

Baked in the oven at 170-200 degrees for 10 mins

Done...Mangiamo!! (let's eat in Italian)..yum yum

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review of SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

In this post, I'm going to review the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. I've been using cleansing oil since few years back as I started using makeup a lot. Some people think that cleansing oil is more of a luxury beauty product but I think of it as an essential item. Since I started using cleansing oil, I never had any problem with makeup. Some people have problems like acne, clogged pores and duller complexion using makeup because I think they didn't clean their makeup properly. It might looked clean after cleansing but its actually not. You really need a good cleansing oil to clean your make-up properly. Most foundation claimed to be oil-free but its actually very hard to find an oil-free liquid foundation. Oil is very important in making foundation because the oil actually make the foundation sticks longer and better on your skin and helps to better preserve the shelf life of the foundation. So, its very important that you use a good moisturizer on your face before your foundation so that the foundation sticks on your moisturizer and not directly on your skin and also to remove them properly.

Oil loves oil and oil hates water and that's why they are called 'hydrophobic'. So, since most liquid foundation have some oil in it, using cleansing oil will helps to attract the oil from the skin because oil loves oil remember? Cleansing oil will dissolve all the makeup on your face and get rid of most makeup even the stubborn waterproff makeup. Previously I used Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse and I like it as well as this one. If you like your cleansing oil to smell nice, choose Dermalogica cleansing because it smell really nice. This one smell okay to me. But both cleanse really well. I heard the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil is pretty good as well

About this cleansing oil, it comes in a pump, hence a plus for this product. With full face makeup, you probably need about 2 pumps. What I usually do is, I clean my makeup with wet wipes. I used the one from Tesco because its really cheap but doesn't matter. Any wet wipes to remove the makeup. After that you only need one pump of this cleansing oil to remove the rest of it so that you can save on your cleansing oil because they usually pretty expensive but lasts a long long time. I bought this cleansing oil 6 months ago and I still have 60% left.

So, I did a little beauty experiment with this cleansing oil just to show you how it worked. 

Here is all the item  I used: Bobbi Brown palette, Dior foundation, Mac lipstick and SK-II cleansing oil
 Bobbi brown has among the best eye shadow I've tried. They last a long time even without primer.

Put all the makeup on my hand- not in a good way

Put one pump of SK-II cleansing oil

Massage the cleansing oil in gentle circular motion. It dissolves all the makeup instantly

Put a bit of water and continue massaging the skin. It helps the cleansing oil emulsify into a milky solution and help the cleansing oil to penetrate the skin deeply to remove all the makeup from your pores

Take a wipe and remove all the makeup and followed with cleansing with your favorite cleanser

It might seemed like a long process but it does clean your makeup really well. That's all...bye

Express Lunch Menu: Chicken Mayo Sandwich

Today menu for lunch is a simple Chicken Mayo Sandwich. Its delicious, easy to prepare and healthy too. Did I mention that its sooooooo yummy? hehe. Here is how its done..

The ingredients:
Boiled bone-less chicken meat
Mixed veges

Add two spoons of mayonnaise to the chicken and blend in the mixer

Add mix veges and sprinkle some pepper if you like it hot

Put half slice/slice of cheese on the bread

Add salad to make it looks like a 'healthy' dish

And then put all the yummy stuff on top of it

Done.Bon Appetit! Yummy..

Review of L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother Scrub

This is a review of the L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother Scrub from Derma Genesis line. This scrub contains BHA and polishing micro-beads to smooth, refresh and brighten skin. What I like about this scrub is that it is a clay-based scrub that helps to purify and control oil production on the face. Clay-based cleanser/scrub/mask are usually used to deep cleanse the skin.This scrub has tiny red and white micro-beads to gently exfoliate the epidermal (outer layer of the skin). Not only that, it also has BHA (salicylic acid) that help to minimize pore by penetrating deep into the pore. I think this a good scrub, not great. This scrub is not harsh on skin and to be used daily after cleansing.However,  I don't see any improvement on my pores or my whiteheads. I have a few whitehead on my nose area and this scrub doesn't help to reduce any of that. This scrub can be a bit drying because of the clay. Clay (or kaolin) is very good mattifying agent and it does a good job to absorb oil and making your face less oily throughout the day but at the same time can be a bit drying. I'm still searching for a good and cheaper replacement of my HG scrub, Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub which to me is the best scrub out there. Its not as harsh as St Ives Apricot scrub but not as soft as this scrub. But for the price, it still a good scrub and worth buying.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pics of me and my baby son, Amir

Here are some of the photos of me and my baby son Amir taken last weekend. Everytime I tried to snap a photo of us, he will pose like a model. Acting cute. I know he's cute. So adorable....Sayang Amir..muahxx

Review of Garnier Light Oil Control Whitening Cream

This is a review of an exciting addition to the Garnier Whitening Line, Garnier Light Oil Control Whitening Cream. I think this is a great cheap product for people who has issue both with tone and acne/shine. It promise 8hr shine-free look and at the same time, whitens skin, visibly lighten acne marks and reduces excess oil. It contained natural AHA- ingredients from pure lemon essence to exfoliate and BHA- (salicylic acid) to help acne prone skin. This product has almost a mousse-y texture and smells divine. I loved the lemon-y smell of this lotion. So refreshing. What I like about this product is that, it really does control oil as it claimed. Almost TOO well. With this cream, you really need to spread the cream really quickly because it dries up too fast and gave almost too matte look.I don't have that much issue with oily skin but this cream act just like a sponge that absorbs all the oil in your face and this is why I don't like to use this cream. It dries my skin like crazy and when I used my foundation on top of this cream, the foundation just didn't spread easily because there are not much moist left on the skin for the foundation to cling onto.And if you used too much of the cream, it will started to dust out a little bit from your face which I hate. I don't think this has SPF as well. Having said that, I recommended this product for those people who just tired of oily face and this is so damn cheap as well. I like it but I don't think I'm going to repurchase. As far as the lightening/whitening effect, I'm not sure. I've tried this whole line and honestly said, I don't see much improvement in my skin tone. Maybe you need to use this really consistently like for a year or so. I guess, for the price, its quite reasonable.

Just wanna add, this reminds me so much of an Olay Total Effect with salicylic acid version for the acne prone skin which I loved so much. It has been discontinued in most pharmacy/store in Malaysia but I saw this product sold at a few Giant stores but not a lot. I think this is a good product for younger people battling with acne and at the same time wanted to keep ageing at bay, Olay Total Effect with Salicylic acid is the way to go and Garnier Light Oil Control for tone problem. All in all, this is a good product. Worth a try ;))

Review of Olay and L'oreal Eye Cream

Its been such a long time I haven't write any product review but today I'm going to move my lazy and stiff fingers and wrote a review on few products that I've tried. And on this post I'm going to write a review on two drug store eye creams that I've used. First is the Olay White Radiance Eye Serum.

Olay White Radiance eye serum is part of Cellucent Fairness Line (previously known as White Radiance) which is the whitening/lightening line from this brand. This serum is light-weight, almost odourless,doesn't sting my eyes and absorb really well on eye area.The secret behind Olay White Radiance line is the Cellucent Whitening active- a combination of Niacinamide, Pro-Vitamin B5, vitamin E and Hesperidin to inhibit melanin production, nourish skin and prevent premature aging to ensure a naturally lighter, translucent complexion that radiates fairness from deep within. This eye serum worked to lessen the appearance of dark circles, minimize puffiness of eye bags and fight overall dullness for radiant skin around the eye area. I like this serum because it does give a good moisture to my eye area and makes concealer blend really well but after using this for few months, I don't think this serum improves any dark circle or puffiness or whatsoever. It does have an instant brightening effect but doesn't last long. I'm pretty disappointed with this eye serum because I probably expect a little bit more from Olay but if you need a good eye cream just to moisturize the eye area, this is a good one I think. Just don't expect this to do anything more than that. Generally, I like the packaging. Its hygienic and easy to dispense the right amount of  product from the container.

The second eye cream that I've tried is the L'oreal White Perfect Double Eye Zone Brightener. This product is part of L'oreal White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening line. This is a two steps system where there are two different compartment in the product. The first ingredient (the blue compartment) is the first step of the system, which is the anti-dark circle gel contains rich Peptide Complex, encouraging blood circulation around the eye area and caffeine to help with dark circle and puffiness. The second ingredients which is the second step of the product (the white compartment) is the whitening cream that has optical diffusers along with Niacinamide, Shea Butter, and Caffeine which makes the eye area instantly brighter and well moisturised. The cream is quite thick especially in comparison to the Olay eye serum and it does give an instant brightening effect under the eye area but sadly no long lasting effect.When I first started using this, I like it. It absorbs really well, doesn't sting my eye area but after almost a week, I noticed a few milias and redness under my eye area. So, I stopped using this cream immediately and the milias and redness has lessened and until now I'm afraid to use this cream again.I liked this eye cream but I don't appreciate having milias under my area. I might not be using this cream anymore because I think this eye cream is a bit too heavy for my eye area.

All in all, I prefer the Olay eye serum more than the L'oreal eye brightener simply because the L'oreal one is not suitable for my skin. I find it very difficult to find and eye cream that really worked. Most eye cream are overpriced  and not to mention small amount of product. I've used sample of high end eye cream such as La Mer which stings my eyes  like acid, I almost believe that I'm going to lose my vision and over-priced Estee Lauder Advanced Eye Repair which does nothing except a simple moisture which I can also get from  cheaper drug store brand. Eye area is very complex and sadly the first thing that give away our age and so far, I'm still trying to find affordable eye cream that actually worked and not just some over-hyped product sthat sell empthy promises...So melodramatic...hahah!