Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review of Olay Total Effects with Cooling Essence

When this first came to the market last month, I was so excited to try it since I loved Olay Total Effect with touch of foundation. I'm looking for non-SPF lotion to use at night, so since this doesn't have any SPF and come from the Olay Total Effect range, this must be suitable on my skin.Price wise, I think its probably has the same price as the Olay touch of foundation (RM32 +). When I first heard about this product, I thought that this might come in gel-creme form since it has a cooling properties. So this is the product description:

" Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser with Cooling Essence fights the seven signs of ageing and keeps skin refreshed all day with an innovative, lightweight formula. It features mint extracts that work together with a burst of cooling water to provide a breezy sensation. Glycerol and age-fighting vitaniacin complex is absorbed deeply in the skin surface, with pigments and emollients that stay on the surface to cover imperfections and smooth the skin"

Actually this come in white color lotion. The lotion has a nice refreshing smell. The smell remind me of the normal version of Olay Total effect. The lotion is lightweight and absorb really well on skin. Even though on their ad, mentioned about this lotion being anti-aging lotion but without an oil. Suprisingly, this makes my skin a bit greasy compared to the touch of foundation. And the most shocking thing is that this has stinging instead of cooling effect. I don't feel any cooling or breeze sensation at all. Maybe they should call this Olay Total Effect with Stinging Essence instead.hehe.The stinging does dissipates slowly. I used this for almost 4 weeks and I don't think this is suitable for my skin. This caused tiny bumps all over my face. I did see how it improved my skin making it more rejuvenated, the same effect like high-end anti-aging creams such as Clarins Multi-active and SK-II Skin signature cream. But all these cream are just too heavy on my skin. I'm suprise that this is marketed for combination/oily skin since this cream does grease up pretty quickly. Maybe this suits people with dry skin and the total effect with touch of foundation suit people with combination/oily skin.

I don't see the hyped on this latest product from Olay. Its definitely a waste. I think they should come out with the night cream version for this range instead. Its available in United States called the Total Effects Night Firming cream but not yet in Malaysia. Actually I preferred the Total Effect with salicylic acid for acne-prone skin but this has been discontinued in Malaysia. All in all, I like the effect of this but definitely not for me.


  1. I feel nothing when I apply this, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to somthing refreshing and cooling

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels the stinging sensation. But I haven't tried the regular Total effects yet, so I have no idea whether I'm allergic to Olay products, or just the one with the cooling essence.

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