Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My experience with Bell's Palsy..

Bell's Palsy is NOT fun.I noticed strange feeling on the left side of my face two weeks ago. When I smile or laugh, it felt so unnatural and my left eye was watery and painful. I also noticed that I couldn't puff my cheek, can't spit and even the left side of my tongue felt numb. At first I thought it was nothing and will improved  in no time but it doesn't. And every time I had my bath, my left eye was so painful because the shampoo just kept pouring into my eyes.It had to physically use my hands to properly close the left eye. After a few days and still no improvement, my hubby took me to the clinic. She referred me to a neurologist. I made an appointment to see a neurologist at KPJ Shah Alam and she once again confirmed the diagnosis and started me on high dose of steroid and anti-viral. I had to take 13 tablets/day all together for 5 days. Yuck. The steroid came in 5mg tablet and I had to take 8 /day and 5 half tablets of the anti-viral (acyclovir). The steroid was the worst. I vomited a few time because it left such strange taste even after I swallowed the tablet. I completed my meds and after 10 days, my face went back to normal again. Now I can smile like normal again. What a relief ;))

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend FOTD

Took this photo with beloved son before we went out. Very simple, minimalist makeup.

SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Artistry Balancing Lotion
Dior Extreme Fit in 030
Mac Select MoistureCover in NC30
MAC Prep+Prime Loose Powder
Bobbi Brown 'pink' blush

Bobbi Brown collection (came in a 04 palette with blush and lip gloss)
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm
Mac Lustre Lipstick

So happy that everyone loves my Almond and Oreo Choc Fudge and even asked for the recipe.Yeayyy!!hihi :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peniaga pasar malam kurang ajar..

Marah. Geram. Kecewa. Rasa bengang giler malam ni. Saya and husband gi lah pasar malam dekat2 CIMB cheras (near padang sekolah dkt hukm). After kitorg round satu pasar tu amir asyik tgk2 mainan dkt pasar. Saya pun bawak amir tgk2 mainan kat tempat jual mainan tu sementara husband beli spring potato.Penjual tu mmg tak mesra langsung. Masa sy tgh tgk2 satu mainan kereta ni, sy try lah bukak depan kereta tu. Kereta tu mcm blh jd transformer and sy pun bukak sikit part depan kereta tu. Dia tiba2 ckp, tak blh bukak, takut rosak. Sy pun pelik. Mcm mana blh rosak plk. And then husband sy pun tengok2 kereta tu jgk and then dia ckp kereta tu dh rosak, dh tak blh tutup. Dia suruh kitorg beli jgk kereta tu sbb part yg terbukak tu dh tak blh nak tutup. So, my husband pun ckp kat dia mcm mana nak repair kereta tu sbb dh rosak mcm tu and dia pun patut lah letak sign kat situ tak blh pegang sbb cepat rosak. And then dia kata tak kira lah sbb dh rosak kitorg kena bayar jgk.Tiba2 dia pegi hempaskan kat jalan kereta tu. Berkecai. Melampau betul. Ape lagi kitorg pun naik bengang lah dgn dia. My husband pun yg dr tadi try cakap baik2 terus sound dkt dia. Sebagai customer dia tak boleh buat mcm tu. Mmg heated argument dkt peniaga tu. Tak pernah tengok husband marah macam tu. Tapi saya pun dah rasa nak meletup jgk kat situ. Tapi dia mmg terduduk lah tak dpt nak balas balik. Mgkn dia malu. My husband pun bagi kat dia 10 ringgit. Nah, amik sgt duit ni. Bagi dia malu skit.Ambik jgk, tak menolak pun. Mmg kecewa sgt peniaga mcm ni. Dia dah lah meniaga barang2 mainan utk kanak2, tapi perangai dia tak mcm peniaga langsung. Dia dah lah dah tua tapi perangai macam budak kecik. Macam tulah amir biler dia grumpy. Campak2 barang. Serik saya and husband nak dtg balik kat situ. Orang melayu pulak tu. Manalah budi bahasa dia. Kalau dia  buat camtu kat anak2 dia takpelah, tapi ni dgn customer. Peniaga mcm ni mmg lah takkan kaya sampai biler2. Customer dia layan mcm orang gaji dia. Sesiapa yang  pergi pasar ni, TOLONG lah jangan beli barang2 mainan dekat peniaga tu. Nasib baiklah ader kuew teow yang sedap sgt. Berbaloi jugak.hehe. Amir pun happy sangat dapat kereta Ben 10 dia yg kitorg beli kat kedai lain. Tengok dia mcm takut2 je masa nak beli kereta kat kedai lagi satu tu. Mgkin dia trauma pun.Rosak mood dibuatnya.  Apepun, bukan rezeki amir nak dpt kereta transformer tu.

My Yummy Guilty Pleasure: Almond and Oreo Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate is the best comfort food you can ever have. Chocolate has been known to increase the level of serotonin and endorphin ("happy hormone") in your brain and has mild anti-depressant effect. I used to eat lots and lots of chocolate when I was a bit younger but now I still enjoy my chocolate so much but in moderation. Today I'm doing an almond and Oreo chocolate fudge and it taste so delicious. This is the easiest recipe for fudge and it so simple to prepare. Just a perfect weekend indulgence. Yummy!

So, here is the ingredients:
400g of cooking chocolate
450g of sweetened condensed milk
3 tablespoon of oil
Half cup of diced almond
One cup of crushed Oreo biscuit (without the cream)

1. Using a slow fire, melt the chocolate and then add condensed milk, oil and stir well

 2. Add almond and Oreo biscuit and stir again

3. Transfer to bowl
4. Refrigerate until its hardened. DONE!

Yummy Yummy!!
 I'm going to get another bite of this yummy fudge. Bye

p/s: just wanna let my beloved hubby know that I loved him to bits ;))