Friday, January 28, 2011

Update again..

Its been such a long long time that that I update anything in this blog. My laptop broke down and problem with Streamyx coverage and so on that I totally forgot that I have a blog..hahaha. We moved back to Shah Alam, very near to our families home because we feel that there were nothing else left for us in Cheras. And I think this is the best decision we made. We officially moved out last month to Shah Alam and I've been very busy cleaning and arranging stuff at our new house. Amir seemed to be very happy since my mum's house is just next door so he has lots of uncle and 'nenek' and 'atuk' to play with. We celebrated his birthday on 22nd January this month. He is officially 2 years old now and he certainly make my husband and I occupied with his new development.

New year resolution? I don't know. I never really talked about a New Year resolution because it usually just the same thing every year...hehe. You know things like losing weight, more money and striving career, more love and happiness and all. We all want it all year around and not just new year. I'm hoping for a more prosperous year for our family, hoping to have a clear sense of direction for myself, my career and my study because I sometimes have no idea what I wanna do in life. I don't know. So many uncertainties and 'what if' that just complicate things. 

I wanted to do so many product reviews. I will try to make time for the next few weeks I hope. I started a new skin care regime a few months back with Artistry which I religiously used but I ended up not liking it. I think its an okay line but nothing special. I've been loving a new line, Origins and hoping to try out more products from this line. The smell of the products are just divine and yummy. I LIKE!..hehe

That's all now from me now. Bye..

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