Friday, April 15, 2011

Review of Avon Eye Creams and cleanser

After I finished my Olay eye cream, I decided to try out the eye creams from Avon. And I'm hooked. I tried the Anew Clinical Eye Lift after reading many good review on this eye cream and I like it a lot. I'm on my 3rd jar now. I bought the other eye cream, Advanced Eye Perfector  because it was sold so cheap at my local Avon store (RM10) and I like it too. Now I'm using both and loving it!

Avon ANEW Clinical Eye Lift

Product Description:

Visibly lifts the brow bone, upper and under eye areas. Includes Upper Eye/Brow Bone Gel and Under Eye Cream.
Brow Bone/Upper Eye Gel with Dimensional Lift Technology is formulated to firm brow bone area, to help provide an instant lift and to instantly help the brow bone area feel tighter

Under Eye Cream with Derma-Refine Technology and Sweet Almond Extract to instantly minimizes visible under eye shadowing. After 4 weeks, reduces dark circles & crepiness

As you can this product has two separate compartment. The first compartment is the brown/orange gel for the upper eye and the yellow cream for the under eye area. The orange gel contains Sweet Almond Extract, Caffeine, pomegranate juice with olive, coffee and fennel extract. It helps to tighten the upper eye area and prevent sagging. The yellow cream contains Shea butter, sweet almond extract, coconut and pomegranate juice, olive, grape and carrot extract, Biotin (vitamin B7) and Ceramide to help with dark circles and fine lines. 

I loved this eye cream and I can see myself using this for a long time. It absorb really well on the skin and it instantly reduce the appearance of dark circle and brighten the under eye area. I can't really tell the effect of the upper eye gel because I don't have any problem on that area but for this just take away all my fine lines instantly. I think this helps my under eye area a lot. I noticed the appearance of my dark circles and fine lines has reduced since using this. This eye cream doesn't mix well with compact powder foundation. You need to put on a liquid foundation/concealer on top of your eye creams first before your compact powder. I wish this come in tube or pump because its not very hygienic to dip your fingers inside the jar. The smell is neutral to me. Not frangrance-y or chemical-y to me. I always bought this when there is promotion. Usually around RM45+-RM55. You can get much cheaper if you're an Avon member. This last me quite a while. Maybe a good two months with frequent use. This is the first Avon product that I actually love and will continue using ;))

Avon Solutions Advanced Eye Perfector with Peptides

Product description:

For normal/combination skin. This soothing gel refreshes and revives the eye area. Minimizes the appearance of under eye bags and helps brighten dark circles. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist-tested. Fragrance-free.

The eye gel comes in orange in color and the smell is refreshing. This contains Witch Hazel Extract, Sweet Almond, Bitter orange and Sunflower seed extract, Caffeine, Vitamin A, B and C. The ingredients are equally as good as Anew Clinical Lift and it absorb well too. I like this eye cream but probably not as much as Anew Clinical Lift. The difference is that this eye cream take a bit longer to absorb compared to the Anew eye cream. This is a cheap replacement for my Anew eye but equally good. I actually put this in my refrigerator and once I put this under my eye, it instantly cool down my area, reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Avon ANEW Perfect Cleanser


I actually got this cleanser for free with my Anew eye cream purchase. I actually don't have much expectation for this cleanser but I like it. This cleanser come in a clear gel and it foams and take off my makeup really well too. I was using the L'oreal Hydrafresh Cleanser (also in green tube and clear gel) at the same time and I find that Avon cleanser is way better than the L'oreal cleanser. This cleanser make my skin so soft and non-drying. My face felt a bit tight and drying after cleansing with the L'oreal cleanser. All in all, I like this cleanser a lot and might come back to this again and again. 

Review of Artistry Essentials Polishing Scrub and Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion

Here is a review of other Artistry products that I've tried. The Artistry Essentials Polishing Scrub and Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion.

Artistry Essential Polishing Scrub

Product Description:

The Polishing Scrub is a new formulation that gently exfoliates the skin. Its refreshing fragrance is a treat for your senses. A transparent blue foaming gel with dual exfoliation beads and a refreshing tangerine-berry fragrance.

I bought this together with the rest of Artistry Balancing set after reading good reviews on this product. The scrub contains hydrogenated jojoba beads and smells nice. The scrub has blue and white spherical beads in transparent gel. I tend to go for scrub with spherical beads because its more gentle compared to harsh scrub like Apricot scrub. It foams well and the scrub is not as harsh to me. I like this scrub but I don't really see any improvement with this product. In fact after I used this scrub more than 2 times a week, this scrub cause some redness on my face from over-exfoliation. The problem is that this scrub doesn't get rid a few dry flakes around my nose. An okay scrub but a bit overprice I think.

Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion 

Product Description:

Artistry scientists learned that Oat Extract is very effective at increasing cell turnover without acids. Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion contains Sugar and Algae with Oat Extract, all three ingredients act synergistically to dramatically increase  cell turnover.

Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion contains patent-pending specialized Oat Extract and an exclusive Sugar derivative complex and Algae Extract. It also contains Nutrilite-approved green tea extract and exclusive artistry Hydrolipid Matrix.

I was so excited to try this serum because of its best-selling reputation. This is the serum from the Time Defiance line, the anti-ageing line from this brand. And this cause clogged pores and breakout on my face. What a disappointment! The one thing I like about this is the packaging. The luxurious-looking golden cap and the pump. Hygienic and its easy to dispense the serum. One pump is enough to cover the whole face. The smell is okay. The serum has a creamy yellow color. This serum has the typical silicone-y feeling. It absorb well but this make my face so oily and since I broke out from this serum, I stopped.I have high expectation on Artistry but nothing special. Its quite over-price and for the price, I can easily find something better and cheaper than Artistry. So long Artistry!!

Review of Origins High Potency Night- A- Mins

I watched this video on Youtube from  Beauty Consultants (Ada and Arlene) on their HG night cream, Origins High Potency Night- A-Mins. Since I was looking for a good night cream, I decided to try this. I've never tried anything from Origins line and was excited to check out this line. I had no luck finding a good night cream before because all the night cream that I've tried were causing too much oiliness on my face and causing so much discomfort and difficulties to fall asleep at night. Most of the time I ended up washing my face and sleep with nothing.

Product Description:

Let the hypnotic aromas of nature’s nightcaps summon the sandman. Newly-formulated with extra vitamins (including B-complex, C, E and A), extra minerals and exfoliating extracts, this mega moisture cream fortifies skin’s own nocturnal nature to help it repair damage done by day and rebuild itself to face tomorrow. Worn out cells are gently released to reveal brighter, more youthful texture and tone. Skin awakens rested, renewed and richly replenished.

So, onto this lotion. This is the lotion version of the Origins High Potency Night- A-Mins. They also have the cream version for dry skin. Since I have combination skin, I decided to try the lotion instead. The first thing I like about this lotion is the smell. SOoo divine. It has a citrus-y smell, like those in aromatherapy oil. I fell in love instantly. This lotion absorb so well on my face. Doesn't leave a sticky oily feeling. I don't have any trouble falling asleep with this and my face wasn't too oily when I woke up in the morning. In fact I noticed that this lotion make my skin soft and glowing in the morning. The packaging is hygienic. Its a bit difficult to get the product out from the small hole especially when not much left in the bottle. It has all the anti-oxidants that are important for the skin. Almost the perfect night cream. The problem was that this broke me out after a few weeks. Arrgggghhh... I was so in love with this night cream but once I stopped using this, my face cleared up.  Maybe this wasn't the right lotion for  my skin but I think its worth trying especially for those who still looking for a good night cream. So the hunt for my HG night cream continue!!