Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review of Elizabeth Arden: Visible Difference Complex and Ceramide Advanced TIme Capsule

I bought these about 2 years ago and been quite disappointed with my first and probably my last purchase from Elizabeth Arden. There was a cheap sale at My Chemist when I was in Melbourne and that was during winter time and my face was a bit dry and I needed a bit more moisture than what Olay cream can gave me. So, I decided to give this a try. At first I was thinking about the Eight Hour cream but looking at the texture of this cream on the tester, I quickly back off. The texture is soooooo greasy like vaseline. This is probably the liquid version of the vaseline. It has 58% vaseline in it and don't think I'll be putting on my face. Too greasy and not worth it. Just use vaseline instead.It costs like AUD2 in Safeway.hehe
So, I tried the Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex instead. I think they have like 80% discount on this. Here is the product description:

" The classic moisturizing formula. Rich, emollient, protective, it cushions skin with moisture and provides an occlusive barrier to prevent moisture loss.Tests show a significant reduction in the appearance of fine dryness lines and a dramatic improvement in skin's appearance in just 14-21 days"

I'm not impressed with the cream and the ingredients of this cream. It has glycerin, beeswax and olive oil to provide hydration and moisture. So classic that its boring.And nothing really that special about this cream.Its pretty thick but absorb well. A bit greasy for me during the day, so I only used this at night. All sole purpose for this cream is to provide moisture. and nothing else.And looking at the full price of this, it simply not worth it and overpriced. I don't see any dramatic "visible difference" that worth mentioning. And the cream smell like your grandma cheap cold cream. Probably will work well for dry or normal/dry skin.

The next other thing that I bought was the Ceramide Advanced Time Capsule. This is the older version of their new capsule, Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules. I tried both and hated it. I know it has oil it and I was suprised that despite that it absorb really well on skin, this make my skin more oily during the day, with ever growing blackheads and small bumps. I tried Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Power concentrate and Trilogy Booster Capsule before and this doesn't make my skin any oilier. It was a bit oily when I'm using it but not after I washed it. Among the three capsule that I've tried, Dermalogica probably more superior. All of these capsule contains high concentration of active ingredients that need to be protected from air, so not to loss the potency when exposed to air. Most commonly are antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E. These capsules tend to cause a bit of oiliness, so I used this only at night. With Elizabeth Arden capsule, I didn't notice any improvements or whatsoever. I don't think I'll buy any of Elizabeth Arden products because of their unimpressive ingredients and this line probably more suitable for dry skin people.

I saw their latest product in Malaysia called White Glove Extreme skincare. Elizabeth Arden marketing team sure know how to come out with gloriously 'different' and outrageous name. This range helps to brighten skin complexion with Marine Extract and Vitamin C. This line has day cream (in a typical jar just like visible difference), brightening essence and serum in capsules. Worth a try? Hmmm...nahhh..hahaha

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