Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner at Munawarrah Restaurant and SK-II hauls

Last night, we decided to have dinner outside.My husband suggest a new restaurant in Seksyen 23 but unfortunately they were close.So we decided to have dinner at Munawarrah Restaurant in Seksyen 9.We've been there for few times and kept coming back for more.We ordered Ikan Kerapu Ala Thai and it was delicious. Yummy...We want MORE!!.Hehehe..It cost RM46 but it was so delicious, and worth the price.The customer service was not very satisfactory though.We waited a long time for our dinner to be served.We ordered Lala Lak Chi but the waiter didn't put this on the order card. Quite disappointing because I loved their Lala Lak Chi so much.We preferred to go to this restaurant compared to their other branch, Restaurant Mukmin in Seksyen 19 even though its so close to my mother in- law's house because its less busy and the ambience is more relaxing. I'm so proud of Amir today because he ate so much rice by himself.He had a bit of runny nose last few days and loss his appetite. But he definitely eat like a champion all by himself.Hehe...

Today I received my SK-II products that I purchased from ebay. I bought this last thursday and this has definitely put a big smile on my face. I kept checking at the door in case the postman drop the package in front of the door. I was a bit skeptical and worried that I might have purchased fake SK-II.The seller was definitely honest and reply my messages promptly.So,this ease thing a little bit. I only bought samples of SK-II from her. It cost me RM180 and there's a lot of samples.She was very generous with extra sample and most important of all, its genuine. I saw a few fake SK-II before this and I even test it on my hand. For those who never bought SK-II before, it can be difficult to tell which one is fake and which one is genuine. I'm referring to their signature's product which is the Facial Treatment Essence. The most obvious differences is the colour of the essence. The genuine FTE has a bit yellowish colour and the fake FTE is clear. It looks almost like the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. The second differences is the smell, the genuine FTE smell is definitely not that nice and quite strong.For those who never smell it before, might think that its fake but the fake FTE actually smell quite nice.It has a fresh fragrance-y smell to it. Even though the genuine FTE has quite strong scent, it dissipate very quickly.And the other differences is when you shake the bottle. There will be small fizzy bubble slowly rise to the top of the bottle but the fake SK-II doesn't have this effect. I can't remember much about the packaging but the price was very cheap, RM35 compared to the genuine SK-II (RM187 for 75ml).

All in all, I'm so happy with my purchase and I think I've found my HG skincare line ;)


  1. I thank u for posting on fake sk2 n how to differentiate it. Really helps me. :-)

  2. rm180 dengan semua yg dlm pic tu ke?banyaknya..murahnya...nk jugak...kat mna sy blh contact this person to buy?