Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I just like to wish Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there especially to my mother, Rosni binte Ayub for her love, endurance, support and care and I'm lucky to have her in my life. Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in law too, for raising and loving my beloved husband. And now that I'm a mother as well, the experience has taught me that its not the easiest job in the world but I'm working on it everyday and I wish my son the best of health and may he grown up to be a wise man that loved his parents and be a good one too. Happy Mother's Day ;)

Murad Essential- C skin care line

I've actually started to use this range after I read such a good review about this line on Youtube from a Youtuber named VioletArtistry. She mentioned about how Murad skincare line has helped her with her acne and so on and so forth.

So, I decided to try the range. I bought these product at Singapore cause these line are not easily available in Malaysia. I managed to try the whole products from this range and cause currently I didn't use any of these products anymore, I don't have the pictures of  the content from the actual product. Sorry about that.

Basically these line is for people who are concern with uneven skin tone, wants a brighter skin and to help with those pigmentation and age spots. The main active ingredients in the skin care line is vitamin C but it also packed with other anti-oxidants such as vitamin A and E.

Do I like these line? As I mentioned before, I no longer used this line. I found that its quite expensive, not easily available, and the only products that I like from these range is the Essential-C moisturizer and the Active Radiance Serum and the rest are to me just okay. When I first used this, I like it a lot. It doesn't cause any breakout and it does make my overall skin brighter but I found that after a prolong used (>3 months), my skin just doesn't respond to it anymore. Maybe because it so used to the level of vitamin C and that's when I decided that I wanted to try something else. I found that the Active Radiance serum is actually good quite when used with the Essential-C moisturizer. When I started these duo together that I think it has given me the best effect. The serum is absorb quite easily and non-oily as well.

The Murad Essential-C cleanser is to me quite average. It has a gel texture and has like orange-y colour scrub particles that sort of melt when you start washing your face. It cleanse well and doesn't dry my skin out but not a must in this range.

The Murad Essential- C toner is the one that I hate the most. Simply because it make a different but not a good one. Maybe because the toner is too moisturizing and hydrating that its just too much for my skin. I think for those of you who has oily/combination skin, you might want to skip this like totally. I actually gave it to my mum who has dry skin and she also think that its too hydrating. This actually make my skin oilier and cause breakout which is weird  because once I stopped this and resume with the rest of the products, I don't get breakout any more. The only thing that I like about this is that it come in a spray but that's it.haha

The Murad Essential-C moisturizer is quite good I think. It has spf 30 and its lightweight and it absorb well onto skin without leaving any oiliness which I like and I think its the star product from this line. 

I've also tried a sample size of Essential- C Daily Renewal Complex which to me is packed with silicone and actually didn't quite like it cause its just sit on my face and feel 'heavy'. The other products such as the sunscreen,  AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser and the eye cream are just okay to me. 

All in all I think these line is actually quite good for people who wants a brighter looking skin because that's what exactly the result I get from these line but as I said after been using these for a while it just not as effective to me but I think this line is best for prevention. Not sure how this product worked for pigmentation issue because I don't have a lot of pigmentation but I just wish to have a brighter skin

For those of you who are interested to find out more about the rest of Murad skincare line and pricing, check out their Malaysia website at

Body Care

Today I just wanna make a simple post about body care. I don't have complicated body care and like the face, I do all the important steps , cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. I love to go to spa and get my self pampered with a good massage, scrub and milk bath but my last few spa visits were terrible and I just decided that rather than spend a lot of money at the spa, I just have to be more discipline with my body care routine.

I'm not too crazy about body wash but I can't use regular soap because it dries my skin out like crazy. I used liquid or gel body foam usually. Recently I started using a body wash from The Body Shop called the Shea Shower Cream and I quite like it. It doesn't foam very well but it leave my skin feeling moisturized and smell quite nice too.

Actually I'm a big fan of body scrubbing. I love and love scrub. I scrub almost everyday and I've a few scrubs to choose from. My favourite non-expensive scrub is from Putri Binari Susu Beras scrub because the scrub is not too harsh for my skin and quite moisturizing too. The consistency of the scrub is not too grainy and some people may not enjoy it but I think its just enough to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and the milky flowery smell of the scrub is quite nice too. You can get this easily at any store and cost about RM13 I think.

My other favourite scrub is from Body Shop as well called the Cocoa Butter body scrub. Its a little a bit more expensive but its actually nicer than the scrub from Putri Binari. The grainy scrub is actually much more coarser and when you start rubbing it on your skin, it doesn't disappear and it leave your skin smell so nice with the sweetness of the cocoa butter. Yummylicious!

The other scrub from Body Shop that I owned is from the Spa Wisdom Range, from Ximenia salt. The Body Shop SA persuade me to buy this as they said it will help to brighten my skin especially the folded skin area. I actually not a big fan of this scrub because its too 'soft' for my skin. Once I rubbed this on my skin, the scrub seemed to melt away and despite it make my skin soft, I don't feel that it exfoliate enough. If you are use to quite grainy scrub, this is probably not for you (and me!). I'm not sure about the brightening effect, maybe because I'm using a few different scrub at the same time but I would probably would not be buying this one again. Not to mention the glass container and it just so much hassle to open it. I just hope that it doesn't broke before I finish it ;)

The cheapest but quite as good scrub is from Bunga Tanjung. The good thing about it is that its so dirt cheap but I didn't quite like it because the smell of the scrub is not too nice. Like some thick bittery 'jamu'. Everytime I used this my husband will definitely notice it and the smell linger in the bathroom and on my skin too. Sometimes I mixed the scrub powder with  a little bit of milk and honey to 'dampen' the smell but not too much success.haha!

Okay, this the last product that is probably the most cheapest of all the other exfoliant that I've just mentioned. In my previous post, I mentioned about physical exfoliation and I've been using this 'special' brush especially on the thick skin areas such as the knee, foot and elbow. When I was a little girl, my father love to brush our foot with a wooden brush that my mum also used to wash our clothes. And somehow I quite enjoy it.hehe. I've tried to use that wooden brush again but the quality of the brush is too bad and the bristle fell off like instantly. And since then I've been searching for many other body brush/sponge/loofah and the list goes on but nothing beat this brush. Its a 'kiwi' brush, the one you used to 'kiwi' your shoes. I bought this for like RM 4+ and its the best. The bristle is so dense and its not too harsh and trust me it will get rid every single layer of your dead skin cells and it lasts a long time too!

I'm not too fussy about body moisturizers as I tend to buy cheap moisturizers. I use body moisturizers quite often and layer it thick. I usually just buy any of the Nivea body cream which is quite moisturizing but doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and oily. I also have the one from Body Shop which I just use it on my hands at night because its too sticky and every time I put it on my body at night, I struggle to sleep cause its just uncomfortable but I think people with very dry to mature skin will love this. 

That's all about my care. Do you have any favourite body care products?