Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review of SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

In this post, I'm going to review the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. I've been using cleansing oil since few years back as I started using makeup a lot. Some people think that cleansing oil is more of a luxury beauty product but I think of it as an essential item. Since I started using cleansing oil, I never had any problem with makeup. Some people have problems like acne, clogged pores and duller complexion using makeup because I think they didn't clean their makeup properly. It might looked clean after cleansing but its actually not. You really need a good cleansing oil to clean your make-up properly. Most foundation claimed to be oil-free but its actually very hard to find an oil-free liquid foundation. Oil is very important in making foundation because the oil actually make the foundation sticks longer and better on your skin and helps to better preserve the shelf life of the foundation. So, its very important that you use a good moisturizer on your face before your foundation so that the foundation sticks on your moisturizer and not directly on your skin and also to remove them properly.

Oil loves oil and oil hates water and that's why they are called 'hydrophobic'. So, since most liquid foundation have some oil in it, using cleansing oil will helps to attract the oil from the skin because oil loves oil remember? Cleansing oil will dissolve all the makeup on your face and get rid of most makeup even the stubborn waterproff makeup. Previously I used Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse and I like it as well as this one. If you like your cleansing oil to smell nice, choose Dermalogica cleansing because it smell really nice. This one smell okay to me. But both cleanse really well. I heard the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil is pretty good as well

About this cleansing oil, it comes in a pump, hence a plus for this product. With full face makeup, you probably need about 2 pumps. What I usually do is, I clean my makeup with wet wipes. I used the one from Tesco because its really cheap but doesn't matter. Any wet wipes to remove the makeup. After that you only need one pump of this cleansing oil to remove the rest of it so that you can save on your cleansing oil because they usually pretty expensive but lasts a long long time. I bought this cleansing oil 6 months ago and I still have 60% left.

So, I did a little beauty experiment with this cleansing oil just to show you how it worked. 

Here is all the item  I used: Bobbi Brown palette, Dior foundation, Mac lipstick and SK-II cleansing oil
 Bobbi brown has among the best eye shadow I've tried. They last a long time even without primer.

Put all the makeup on my hand- not in a good way

Put one pump of SK-II cleansing oil

Massage the cleansing oil in gentle circular motion. It dissolves all the makeup instantly

Put a bit of water and continue massaging the skin. It helps the cleansing oil emulsify into a milky solution and help the cleansing oil to penetrate the skin deeply to remove all the makeup from your pores

Take a wipe and remove all the makeup and followed with cleansing with your favorite cleanser

It might seemed like a long process but it does clean your makeup really well. That's all...bye

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