Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of Garnier Light Oil Control Whitening Cream

This is a review of an exciting addition to the Garnier Whitening Line, Garnier Light Oil Control Whitening Cream. I think this is a great cheap product for people who has issue both with tone and acne/shine. It promise 8hr shine-free look and at the same time, whitens skin, visibly lighten acne marks and reduces excess oil. It contained natural AHA- ingredients from pure lemon essence to exfoliate and BHA- (salicylic acid) to help acne prone skin. This product has almost a mousse-y texture and smells divine. I loved the lemon-y smell of this lotion. So refreshing. What I like about this product is that, it really does control oil as it claimed. Almost TOO well. With this cream, you really need to spread the cream really quickly because it dries up too fast and gave almost too matte look.I don't have that much issue with oily skin but this cream act just like a sponge that absorbs all the oil in your face and this is why I don't like to use this cream. It dries my skin like crazy and when I used my foundation on top of this cream, the foundation just didn't spread easily because there are not much moist left on the skin for the foundation to cling onto.And if you used too much of the cream, it will started to dust out a little bit from your face which I hate. I don't think this has SPF as well. Having said that, I recommended this product for those people who just tired of oily face and this is so damn cheap as well. I like it but I don't think I'm going to repurchase. As far as the lightening/whitening effect, I'm not sure. I've tried this whole line and honestly said, I don't see much improvement in my skin tone. Maybe you need to use this really consistently like for a year or so. I guess, for the price, its quite reasonable.

Just wanna add, this reminds me so much of an Olay Total Effect with salicylic acid version for the acne prone skin which I loved so much. It has been discontinued in most pharmacy/store in Malaysia but I saw this product sold at a few Giant stores but not a lot. I think this is a good product for younger people battling with acne and at the same time wanted to keep ageing at bay, Olay Total Effect with Salicylic acid is the way to go and Garnier Light Oil Control for tone problem. All in all, this is a good product. Worth a try ;))

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  1. thanks for the review...i'm having problem with tone n blemishes..then, always searching for the good n cheap seems still studying..recently used fair n lovely anti-marks with blemishes less..so far,it's really work in reduces my blemish, just still shine..interest with garnier cream oil control..but, after reading all reviews, must make another option..thanks again