Thursday, November 4, 2010

Express Lunch Menu: Simple Pizza Bread

Today I decided to cook a spagetti for amir and pizza bread for myself. Its so easy to prepare. Of course amir loves his spagetti and eat like a are some photos of him eating spagetti..

Do you want some mak?...erkkk! no thanx sayang

Yummy spagetti and chicken nuggets


Trying to pose cute with fork..

And here is the recipe for making a simple Pizza bread..

The ingredients: Bread, Hot Dog, Spagetti sauce, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Mix Veges, and Garlic Spread 

Preheat oven at 150 degrees

Spread some butter/margarine on the pan

Spread some garlic spread/butter on the bread

Generous amount of spagetti sauce

And lots of hot dog

Add some mix veges

Some mayonnaise won't hurt

Last but not least..cheese

Baked in the oven at 170-200 degrees for 10 mins

Done...Mangiamo!! (let's eat in Italian)..yum yum

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