Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pre-birthday celebration @ Bora Ombak

Last nite we went out for dinner at Bora Ombak @ Ampang. The ambience of the restaurant was amazing with Bali-inspired deco. We choose to sit under one of the hut for some privacy. The pricing was quite affordable as well. We ordered quite a lot for two and a half people and it was delicious especially the Seafood Thai Tom Yam. We'll definitely be back for more.hehe Thank you sayang ;))

Amir was extra 'manja' with abah

Amir trying really hard to pull some serious seductive pose

Amir's model style

Amir and mak

Seafood Thai Tomyam

Kailan with salted fish

Balinese Sate with tumeric rice

Fresh 'ulam'
French fries

Thai Chicken Pandan

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