Friday, April 2, 2010

Lists of (some of) the latest whitening/brightening products in Malaysia

Lancome Blanc Expert GN- White Agefight

This is the latest whitening and anti-aging range from Lancome. Beyond spots correction, this line is designed to recreate bright new collagen fibers while fighting skin yellowing and loss of firmness. Plus 360ยบ action on melanin help to neutralize the main causes of spots and hyper-pigmentation in the dermis and the epidermis and regulate the skin pigmentation process at the source. The soy extract stimulates collagen synthesis, fight lack of firmness and signs of aging. The sunflower seed extract has anti-glycation properties to help prevent collagen darkening and stiffening for clearer and radiant skin.

Shiseido White Lucent

This formula has been reformulated to help with age spots and uneven skin tone. Among the technologies used in the reformulation of this range are m-Tranexamic acid that prevent activation of melanin by actively identifying the inflamed tissue and soothe the skin and prevent melanin production. 4MSK also stopped the production of melanin at its source by preventing and reducing the enzymatic activity (tyrosinase enzyme) in the pigmentation process. Multi-target vitamin C also reduce the production of the melanin and reducing the amount of pre-melanin on the skin. Yomogi Natural extract also help to regulate cell division and help to remove the dark cell from within and outer surface of the skin. This range also has Super HydroSynergy complex to improve skin moisturization and Glucosyl Hesperidine that help with micro-circulation of the skin.

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme

This range are formulated with Emblica C complex and marine extract (cellulosomes eyngium) with vitamin C derivatives to brighten overall skin complexion. Emblica derived from Indian Gooseberry fruit extract has been widely used in Eastern medical practice. This fruit extract lived in the edge of the sea and able to withstand severe dehydration, salty water, heat exhaustion and dry sand.

Clarins White Plus HP

This range are enriched with Sea Lily extract to prevent the passage of melanin that in turn prevent the formation of melanin that caused the dark spots and uneven complexion. Sea Lily extract also help to stop dendricity (extension of color cells) through control of protein called Rac1 and RhoA. The extension of dendrites transport pigment to skin cells and results in dark spots. Combination of Sea Lily extract and Whitening-Lock Around system strengthened the control mechanism that help prevent hyperpigmentation and evening out the dark spots to restore your skin to a fair and translucent complexion with a rosy, pinkish glow.

Estee Lauder Cyber White EX

Estee lauder has identified <>4 type of spots that responsible for clouding Asian women's complexion, stubborn age spots, small surface spots, those barely spots and recurring spots.Firstly, for stubborn age spots, Clarity Recovering Protein works with skin's natural repair system to support structure beneath the age spots. As skin gets more plumped, these dense clusters of melanin dispersed and begin to fade away. Secondly, for small surface spots, Cyberwhite EX zeros in on darkened pore with N Acetyl Glucosamine. This sugar derivatives speed away these melanin-darkened skin cells to reveal brighter complexion. Thirdly, for those barely spots, counteracts the skin-darkening effects to keep skin calm and prevent future spots from resurfacing. Fourthly, Super-potent Melanin Interception Technology for recurring spots, anti-irritant calming complex help to reduce irritation and make skin less vulnerable to recurring spots and inhibit the over production of melanin on skin.

SK-II Cellumination

SK-II has developed a new whitening standard of Aura-Lucency, a natural aura of the skin. Aura-Lucency revolutionizes the concept of skin whitening by combining the idea of translucency, glowing from within and evenness of skin tone. SK-II has discovered that Aura-Lucency is created by the balance of the three primary colours of light in skin. An SK-II study of 90 women's skin revealed a difference in the balance of red, green and blue (RGB) light transmission between translucent, radiant, even-toned skin and dull skin. Based on this new research findings, SK-II scientists have developed the powerful Aura Bright Cocktail, an ingredient complex containing the unique combination of SK-II-exclusive ingredients De-melano P3C and concentrated Pitera and Talapewhite. These three actives work in synergy to address the internal factors that impact RGB balance, to create the ideal look of Aura-Lucent Skin.

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