Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My experience with Bell's Palsy..

Bell's Palsy is NOT fun.I noticed strange feeling on the left side of my face two weeks ago. When I smile or laugh, it felt so unnatural and my left eye was watery and painful. I also noticed that I couldn't puff my cheek, can't spit and even the left side of my tongue felt numb. At first I thought it was nothing and will improved  in no time but it doesn't. And every time I had my bath, my left eye was so painful because the shampoo just kept pouring into my eyes.It had to physically use my hands to properly close the left eye. After a few days and still no improvement, my hubby took me to the clinic. She referred me to a neurologist. I made an appointment to see a neurologist at KPJ Shah Alam and she once again confirmed the diagnosis and started me on high dose of steroid and anti-viral. I had to take 13 tablets/day all together for 5 days. Yuck. The steroid came in 5mg tablet and I had to take 8 /day and 5 half tablets of the anti-viral (acyclovir). The steroid was the worst. I vomited a few time because it left such strange taste even after I swallowed the tablet. I completed my meds and after 10 days, my face went back to normal again. Now I can smile like normal again. What a relief ;))

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  1. How much is the fee for evry treatment u get at KPJ?