Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review of SK-II Cellumination Range

Salam ramadhan al mubarak to all!

Today i'm going to review two of my current favourite product, the SK-II Cellumination essence and SK-II Cellumination Deep surge cream

Why I loved this product so much?

First of all, I loved SK-II. Their products are damn expensive but so worth it. In my previous post, you can tell that I can't live without my Facial Treatment Essence. Okay, as for the Cellumination essence, I love it so much especially because it absorb so well on skin, no silicone-y feeling, non-oily and it doesn't cause me any breakout. This luxurious essence has a milky texture and you need to use about 1-2 drops only to cover your whole face. Previously I used Estee Lauder serum and I used it religiously when I was in melbourne but when I used it in malaysia, it broke me out and feels as if I'm putting oil on my skin. So, this is a good replacement and I think this is a great serum for people with oily skin and lived in Malaysia (like me!) because its so non-oily and so far it worked because I can see that it improves my skin complexion, even out my skin tone and reducing the appearance of acne marks and give more luminosity and radiance to my skin.

As for the moisturizer, the Cellumination deep surge cream, it has a gel consistency. It absorb really well and works well with any foundation (liquid and powder). It doesn't make my skin oily and this is a great moisturizer for combination-oily skin. I've tried the SK-II Skin's Signature's cream and SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener before but these two broke me out and feels a bit oily on my skin. I prefer this one for my combination-oily skin. Maybe those two works well for drier skin type. I'm very choosy with my moisturizer. I don't mind using any kinds of cleanser as long as it cleanse well but I'm very picky about my moisturizer. Most moisturizer make my skin oily and cause breakout which are a big no no for me. I want a moisturizer that can give more than just a simple moisture but also other added benefits such as anti-aging, brightening effect, pore minimizer or help with breakouts and actually delivers their promise. So, this is among the 'perfect moisturizer' for me so far next to my Olay Total Effect. I loved the fact that it works and it give my skin not just moisture but more luminous and radiance looking.

As for the price, I'm not really sure the exact price but I think for the essence is RM300+ for 30 ml and RM600+ for the 50 ml and the moisturizer is RM400+. Lucky for me because I get to buy this from a seller that sold this set to me for almost 40% discount.

My verdict:
Pros: Absorb well on skin, non-oily, improves my skin's clarity, can be used day and night
Cons: No SPF, might not be enough for dry skin type, expensive

P/S: Have you seen the SK-II cellumination commercial on TV featuring Vanida Imran? She looks so unrealistic, almost too white.


  1. Hi,

    I love your review. Have you tried SK II Skin Refining Treatment before?
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