Monday, January 16, 2012

New Life

I feels really bad for not putting up any update in this blog. Seems like forever since I last post on this blog. I even forgot the password. *sigh*

So many things had happened since I my last entry. Many seems has long fade my memories. This entry mainly to simplify many of those sweet and bitter moment.

I made a major change in my career. There was definitely a moment where I clearly said to myself that this is the end of it but in my heart I truly love this job and now I am a working mum again. I recently moved to Singapore with the whole clans but only managed to stay for almost 3 months due to the expensive cost of living. We decided to move back to JB where I drove back and forth from JB to Singapore everyday *another sigh* but we are much better off in JB. Sometimes I lost count of how many times we actually moving houses. As my husband said, we are the 'nomad'..hehe

I guess its never easy to get back on your job after a long break. Both mentally and physically challenging to me. I guess the hardest things I had to do as a full-time housewife was planning my weekly meals menu but now everyday there are always new things to learn, novice skills to acquire and the lists goes on. I am thankful that I have the husband that has been very supportive and understanding and remains calms and collected during our greatest predicament. Always my greatest strength and source of comfort

We actually just went back from a one-week holiday. I used my annual leave last week and we both had a great time at Pangkor Island Beach Resort and then Taiping and lastly Cameroon Highlands. Wish my holiday was longer.

I tried and tested a lot of beauty products. Some great and cheap beauty steals like Safi Rania Gold and much expensive Murad products. I'll try to post as many reviews after this in this blog

I hope that its not too late to wish Happy New Year to all. May all our wishes and resolutions come true. InsyaAllah..

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