Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review of Artistry Product (The Balancing Set)

Today I'm going to review Artistry products from Amway that I've been using for the past few months. I decided to try this because I wanted to find a cheaper skincare replacement for my SK-II. Artistry is a brand from Amway, one of the famous MLM/direct-selling in the world. Artistry products are not readily available at any local stores/pharmacy and you need to contact one of the Independent Business Operator (IBO) or contact Amway Headquarter directly. So, looking at the range of Artistry product, I decided to try the Balancing series, for normal/combination skin. I bought the Balancing Lotion first because I'm not sure whether this brand will be suitable for my skin or not. It works very well for my skin and so as the whole set. Here is the review of the rest of the Artistry product I used.

Artistry Balancing Set

Product Description:
Exclusive Tri-Balance Complex (unique phytonutrients and natural micro-sponge technology) in the Balancing System helps balance and normalise the skin’s water-to-oil ratio with 3 unique compounds: Dessert Hydration Complex, Balancing Matrix Complex and Hydrolipid Matrix (HLM)

Dessert Hydration Complex: A blend of naturally derived botanical ingredients to enhance skin’s moisture content and help hold it in.
Balancing Matrix Complex: Featuring Acerola Cherry Fibre that helps control shine and reduces the appearance and production of surface oil.

Hydrolipid Matrix: Humectant / emollient combination designed to maintain optimum moisture balance.

Artistry Balancing Lotion 

Product description: Unique micro-sponge and mattifying powders absorb excess oil and diminish shine, and oil production and balances moisture levels all day long. Enhancing the skin’s own natural protection mechanism, this lightweight lotion offers unparalleled protection to shield and defend from environmental assaults and UV rays with a patent-pending complex – Aura of Protection.

On Artistry Balancing Lotion, I liked this lotion because it absorbed well, smell really nice and and this helps with a few minor breakout I had. Despite what it said about controlling-oil properties, I'm not sure whether this lotion does that. It leaves a dewy finish but this lotion doesn't control my oil production as well as I wanted. I looked really oily after 2 hours or so. And fortunately this doesn't cause any breakout on my skin. Overall I like this lotion very much because it has SPF 15 protection and it gave a good moisture on my face.

Artistry Balancing Cleanser

Product description: Natural cleansing agents gently whisk away excess sebum, dirt and debris without stripping the skin. This cleanser/exfoliator-in-one clears and clarifies as it evens tone and texture. Surface dullness is improved, leaving skin revived and refreshed immediately after cleansing.

Move on to Artistry Balancing Cleanser. This is also a good cleanser. It cleanse really well and smell nice too. It has a gel consistency and removed my make-up well. It was quite difficult at first to work with this cleanser because it doesn't foam as well as I like. So, instead on using the cleanser directly on my face, I rubbed the cleanser between my palms and it foams really well after that. Quite a nice cleanser to me.

Artistry Balancing Toner

Product description: This unique toner optimises the skin’s own ability to control oil throughout the day. Revealing clearer, smoother skin ready to receive the benefits of the Balancing Lotion, it leaves skin feeling refreshed, toned and with a fresh matte finish.

The Artistry Balancing Toner is a bit strange to me at first. This toner has two parts, a clear green solution on top and white solution on the bottom. You need to shake it well before using this. It smells really nice too. The problem is that this toner doesn't exactly do what it suppose to do which is to control oil. I see no difference using lotion with or without the toner.  I think you can find a cheaper drug store toner easily to replace this toner. Nothing that special about it

All in all, I think this is a great simple 1-2-3 steps of skincare for combination/oily skin. However I don't think that this system delivered the best for controlling oilies and breakouts. It doesn't give you that flat matte looks but not the best at controlling oil either. Garnier oil-control lotion beat this up easily. And because these products are not easily available at the store, I felt not worth it to continue using it. Its a good essential line especially for younger people but not sure about the anti-ageing benefits of this product long-term. To me this provide a good simple moisture which I can simply replace with other cheaper and easily accessible products.

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