Monday, July 19, 2010

Hoping for the best...

Its been such a long time since I last update in this blog. Since I started working, time isn't always on my side. Tried to make full use of the time with my son and hubby. Weekend seems to be so short nowadays.

Working life isn't the most interesting part even though it takes like three-quarter of my life. Still struggling to balance out my life without loosing the grip.Grateful that I have hubby and son by my side. Housemanship is a war, seriously, physically and mentally..haha

Currently almost finishing my surgical rotation.Hope I can get pass through to the next round. Just hoping for the best, insya Allah..

Just a little bit of update on my beloved son, he's getting smarter nowadays. He's getting more talkative, trying to articulate each words. So fascinating. Just wish I could spend more time with him like I used to.

I know this entry sound pretty depressing...but i'm sick today. Just hoping that my immune system can fight this whatever bugs that trying to weaken my body.

Just hoping for the best..insyaAllah

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